The Centre for Equity Studies (CES) was founded in August 2000 by Prof. Ghanshyam Shah, Prof. S. Parasuraman, Prof. Jean Dereze, Mr. N C Saxena and Mr. Harsh Mander. In October 2001, it was registered under the Society Registration Act, 1860. If you would like to support the work Centre for Equity Studies (CES) does, donate to us.

Who We Are


Our research examines the action/inaction of the state, the market, and people's movements in perpetuating or resisting inequality, discrimination and exploitation


Develop meaningful and effective policies and interventions to address the needs of the urban homeless through research and action

India Exclusion Report

An Annual Report that highlights exclusion from public goods and experiences of marginalization

Ram Narayan Kumar Centre

Working with survivors of mass and communal violence.