Founded in August 2000 by Professor Ghanshyam Shah, Professor S. Parasuraman, Professor Jean Drèze, Mr. N.C. Saxena and Mr. Harsh Mander, the Centre for Equity Studies is an autonomous institution engaged in advocating issues of social justice. It seeks to enquire into the nature and causes of social injustice and inequity and to collectively, through research and action projects, find methods of moving towards a more equitable and humane world. The Centre for Equity Studies believes in the inherent and intrinsic equal worth of every human being and therefore seek ways of lowering and eventually terminating the gap between the rich and the poor, the powerful and the disempowered, the socially advantaged and the socially oppressed, and the physically ‘able-bodied’ and differently-abled. By engaging in issues of social injustice, we intend to influence and shape public policy and law in favour of India’s most disadvantaged communities through a range of work, primarily spanning research, grassroots engagement for alternative laws and policies and policy design and advocacy.

Through the implementation of research and advocacy projects alongside the operation of homeless shelters, health and recovery clinics, the Centre for Equity Studies aims to create feasible and sustainable long term solutions toward the care and protection of the underprivileged section of society thereby progressing our society into one that is more humane and just in its nature.

CES’s flagship project is the India Exclusion Report (IXR), an annual publication that examines access to public goods and the exclusion of vulnerable groups. Over the years, because of valuable expert contributors from the fields of social sciences, human rights, public policy, social and economic exclusion and citizen-centric budget analysis, the report has contributed greatly to a wider understanding of inclusion and exclusion from public goods and the marginalisation faced by some of the most vulnerable social groups in India.

CES runs action research projects for the urban homeless and survivors of communal violence. It looks to study and intervene in areas where the state has abdicated its responsibility and through research and action projects hold the state accountable.

CES works in close partnership with the Association Of Rural and Urban Needy, Aman Biradari Trust and Rainbow Foundation of India for its field and action projects.