The CES Research team has been working on creating an archive of major communal violence incidents around the country. The most recent field visits took place in October 2019, to Bhiwandi, Maharashtra and January 2020, to Thalassery, Kerala.

This mosque located in Pinnarayi village of Thalassery was destroyed in the 1971 violence. It was rebuilt later by the government support and private funds.

This house provided shelter for around 50 survivors in 1971 Thalassery violence.

This was the epicentre of the violence. The place where the trigger event took place with confrontation between local youths about the height of flags hoisted by an adjacent Mandir and Masjid.

Ghunghat Nagar: From where the 1984 violence triggered in Bhiwandi.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, further plans for fieldwork have been suspended. But the team continues working on the archive with desk-based research from home.