14 January 2019: Building India Brick by Brick The Plight of Construction Workers

5 March 2019: Conversations with India’s Margins: Haq ki Baat, Kaun Tay Karega Chunav ke Mudde

Bringing people from different communities and socio-economic backgrounds together in conversation with each other about their expectations from the new government. We invited a range of marginalized people to speak – SC, ST, Muslim, farmers, casual workers, old people and so on.

15 May 2019: Life On the Move: circular Migrant Labour in India

Sikendar, Swati Ben, Indal Kumar, Sharma Ben, Md. Anees Shefi, in conversation with Priyanka Jain and Harsh Mander

8 July 2019: Seasons in the Streets: Understanding the contours of Homelessness and the City

Rani from Nizamuddin, Mona from Sarai Kale Khan, Tarannum from Jama Masjid, Raghunath from Sai Baba Mandir, Arun Kumar from Geeta Ghat in conversation with Harsh Mander. Film screening of “Where the streets have no names” in the memory of Mohammed Sheikh.

12 September 2019: Reimagining Work and Labouring Bodies: Conversations with India’s Sex Workers

Being at the margins of the popular imagination of ‘dignified’ and ‘real’ labour, sex workers face criminalization, are barred from forming trade unions and are unable to access social welfare due to high stigma of their work and lives. But what we often forget is the nuances of their personal and political lives, their everyday realities and struggles. By stigmatizing sex work, we also dehumanize those whose income depends on it, who run their households and support their families like any other individual.

In this context, Centre for Equity Studies, in collaboration with NewsClick, invited sex workers from around the country to share their lived everyday experiences. In conversation with Ayeesha, Sultana, Sunita, Rachana and Kusum.

20 November 2019: Switches and Stitches: Women Home-based workers in Delhi

Outside of the popular and State’s understanding of formal workspace, women home-based workers face layered vulnerabilities. Harsh Mander in conversation with Tajwar, Rukhsana, Meera, Ramkali, Naseem, Sufia.