Request for Proposal to prepare a photo-essay on tea garden workers

The Centre for Equity Studies (CES) is looking for an emerging photographer to work with the organization to put together a photo-essay on tea garden workers in North Bengal, with a view to publishing in print and digital format by the end of September 2019. The project aims to profile the lives and work of tea garden labourers.


Selection: 15th June 2019

Fieldwork: 22 June – 2ndJuly 2019. (Tentatively fieldwork will occur with a CES researcher)

Finalising Images and Texts: By 10th July 2019.

Design and Printing: By 20th July 2019.

Fees: The total fee for the assignment will be not more than INR 70,000. The photographer will be accompanied by a CES researcher during the course of the fieldwork for the project.

Application process: We welcome applications from emerging photographers. The deadline to apply is 8th July 2018.  Please send in a portfolio with not more than 10 images in jpg format to, as well as a short covering letter (not more than 500 words) about how you will contribute to this project. Applicants must provide details of the equipment (camera, lens, etc) that they would be using/carrying. Applicants with prior experience working in field research settings (especially with non-profits) and / working as a photo-journalist will be preferred.


Q: Will CES provide support on field in terms of local contacts?

A: The photographer and a CES researcher together will figure out local contacts and field support.

Q: Will CES provide equipment support or do we have to arrange the same?

A: CES will not be providing equipment support. As indicated in the JD, CES will provide field work expenses (travel/lodging/food), but equipments ought to be the photographer’s responsibility.

Q: Is the photographer liable for designing and printing as well?

A: The printing costs will be provided by CES, but the task of getting them printed and weaved into the photo essay (designing) would primarily be the responsibility of the photographer.
Q: Does the candidate need to be based out of Delhi?

A: All are welcome to apply, but out-station candidates should note that travel to Delhi and accommodation here for the purposes of printing the photographs at the end of the project duration will have to be covered by them. Fieldwork costs will be covered by CES, and if an outstation candidate is selected, they can Skype in for meetings on the project design with the team and author.

Q: How many photographs would be expected as the final output?

A: Twenty to twenty-five photographs may be shortlisted as the final output. Along with each photograph, we would like to have your insights too in brief.

Q: Can you provide details of text and content as reference to write the proposal for the project?

A: This is intended to test your knowledge of/interest in this field of work. As such, we will be unable to offer you assistance with this. 🙂


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