18 May 2020: Labour Rights in India – Before, During and After the Pandemic

The COVID lockdown has exposed the precarity of Indian labour, and the toothlessness of legal tools which are supposed to aid them. The worst affected have been workers in the informal economy, who have been literally at the mercy of the government and NGO’s to obtain adequate ration, forget anything else.  Such a condition would not have emanated if the precarity of their conditions had been adequately addressed in pre-COVID times. Instead of rectifying these structural problems, the government has been pushing for similar steps in the formal sector which is evident from the numerable ordinances passed by several state governments to deregulate and weaken labour laws. COVID has become an excuse to launch a war on labour. In this context, CES invites all of you to a webinar titled ‘Labour rights in India-Before, during and after the pandemic’.

11 May 2020: The Pandemic, Public Health and Equity

The COVID pandemic has exposed the vulnerabilities of the health systems across the world. From the viewpoint of equity, a necessary condition which should be present to handle a crisis of this nature is a vibrant public health system, which is accessible to all. But has that been the case? In most nations, essential facilities like ventilators are predominantly with the private sector, which reduces the ability of the most vulnerable to access it. It is, therefore, pertinent to reimagine public health from the viewpoint of equity. In this webinar, we hope to discuss questions around this topic.