Opportunities with the Hausla Team

Internship Position – Centre for Equity Studies
January 31, 2019

Opportunities with the Hausla Team

Internship/Volunteer Opportunities with the Hausla Team

Location: Delhi

Time: Flexible, with a minimum of one month at a stretch

The National Resource Team for the Urban Homeless (HAUSLA) was set up to address fundamental problems identified by the Supreme Court, and later, the Hashim Committee relating to urban poverty and homelessness. The homeless population has all three kinds of vulnerabilities recognized by the Hashim Committee: occupational, social and residential. Our work with this population seeks to address these problems by providing shelter, healthcare as well as livelihood opportunities. The program is currently running in four cities: Delhi, Hyderabad, Patna and Jaipur.

Hausla’s aim is twofold – to build model interventions for the urban homeless in partnership with the government and to build a knowledge base on homelessness.

In Delhi we currently run a 90-bedded men’s recovery shelter where roughly half the patients are TB patients, as well as a men’s general shelter, and a women’s recovery and livelihood shelter where the livelihood component focuses on a life skills and skills training program to facilitate access to work and eventually independent living where possible. The largest health burden  at the women’s shelter currently is mental illness. For childcare, there is a creche and balwadi at the women’s shelter. Two street medicine teams provide primary, preventive and ambulatory care in different locations of Delhi in the evenings. We also run an intensive field-based entitlements program for access to identification and social schemes, child protection support and a basic needs bank for clothing and toiletries. We have been running these programs for the past five years in Delhi (recovery shelter for men since 2013 and a shelter for women since December 2016).

We would greatly welcome participation of students/volunteers or who are interested in supporting this work. The primary requirements are that the individual should have a commitment to seeing the engagement through for the period that they are with us, work with sensitivity, and have a desire to secure justice and greater well-being for the communities we work with. The tasks include:

  1. Conducting recreational activities at the men’s shelter or the women’s shelter for adult patients
  2. Engagement in facilitation of entitlements and related advocacy support
  3. Research and networking for women’s and men’s livelihood opportunities
  4. Volunteering with the children at Kabir Basti Women’s Shelter to teach or lead activities
  5. Counseling for children at Kabir Basti Women’s shelter
  6. Facilitation of a sustained adult literacy programs at any of the shelters
  7. Medical training support to the street medicine and recovery shelter teams
  8. Documentation and networking support for fundraising or donations

Those who are interested, kindly send a CV and letter of interest to hauslateam@gmail.com.

Thank you!

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