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India’s deportation of seven Rohingya men to Myanmar is a profound failure of public compassion

By – Harsh Mander 

Harsh Mander writes how India has failed as a humane democracy by wilfully sending Rohingya refugees into conditions of genocidal violence.

Publication Date: Oct 09, 2018.

 “Justice Denied”: stories of manual scavenging deaths from the margins

By- Sagar Kumbhare and Akash Poyam

Centre for Equity Studies colleagues Sagar Kumbhare and Akash Poyam have recently attended the “Justice Denied: Death of workers engaged in manual scavenging while cleaning septic tank or sewer” Report release event in Delhi. They also met with the families of manual scavenging death victims at the event venue. In this blog, they have shared some tragic stories of manual scavenging deaths; and some crucial information, facts, and figures gathered from the event.

Why the Modi Govt Shouldn’t be so Quick To Dismiss World Bank’s Human Capital Index

By – Diego Maiorano (@diegoemme)

The finance ministry can continue to quibble, but the stark fact is that decades of underspending in education and health may result in India wasting its demographic dividend.